Toronto Had Less Than 50 Hours of Sunlight in January

It’s not just you – these really are dark times.

According to Environment Canada, Toronto saw just 48.8 hours of sunlight. That’s just a little more than half of the seasonal average of 85 hours.

“We’ve been in well below normal averages for sunlight,” said Environment Canada meteorologist Mark Schuster, officially confirming what everyone’s been thinking every time they step outside or look out the window.

Compounding the misery is that the majority of those sunlight hours amassed at the beginning of the month, which makes recent memory especially bleak.

It’s a win-lose situation, really, since milder temperatures usually produce more cloudy days. January has indeed been balmy, recording the fourth warmest start to the year in over 80 years.

“I think people prefer sunny and colder days to cloudy grey days,” said Schuster. “It’s hard to get things done on those days.” How right you are, Mr. Schuster.

The good news – or bad news, depending on the type of person you are – is that a streak of sunshine is on the way this weekend along with a considerable drop in temperatures.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 5.23.38 PM

The objectively great news, however, is that we’re now past the January 23rd ‘Dead of Winter’, which is the scientific apex of cold and snow.

Pretty much time to start booking those summer vacations.