Toronto is the most coffee-loving city in the world

Toronto is essentially one giant but first, coffee poster.

At least twice a morning someone interrupts me to say, “OMG don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee.” Rude! I suppose a city so overworked and cold can be forgiven for its addiction.

How does Toronto stack up against other coffee-loving cities? Very well, in fact. According to Uber Eats, Toronto leads the world in to-your-front-door coffee orders. “Toronto was our most caffeinated city this year, where we saw the most coffee orders,” writes the online food ordering and delivery service on its annual review.

With new cafes popping up weekly in every neighbourhood, coffee festivals every month of the year, and no tea culture to speak of, it should come as no surprise that Toronto is beanin’ for it.

There are some other cool findings in the Uber Eats report. The CN Tower is the world’s third most popular landmark for food deliveries. French fries are the most popular food item. And apparently next year is all about superfoods.

Based on search history, Uber Eats made predictions for the trendiest foods for 2020. Here they are:

  1. 1. Starfruit
  2. 2. Squid ink
  3. 3. Collagen
  4. 4. Reishi
  5. 5. Keto
  6. 6. Brussels sprouts
  7. 7. Farro
  8. 8. Harissa
  9. 9. Pho
  10. 10. Bone broth
  11. 11. Chickpea hummus
  12. 12. Cold brew
  13. 13. Cauliflower
  14. 14. Udon
  15. 15. Cabbage
  16. 16. Kale
  17. 17. Impossible burger
  18. 18. Kimchi
  19. 19. Ginger
  20. 20. Oat milk

Although, one must ask: who’s ordering squid ink and ginger by car?