Toronto is the Best City in North America to Be a Construction Crane

Toronto may not be the best city in North America (that distinction goes to Calgary), but it does have the most cranes.

According to the most recent Crane Index published by quantity surveying company RLB, Toronto has “Toronto has the highest number of cranes of all the cities surveyed” – including New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco. And, yes, also Calgary. There are currently 97 cranes building things in Toronto, which is more than the aforementioned three cities combined.

Source: Rider Levett Bucknall | Graphic: New York Times

This is the third year in a row that Toronto has more cranes than any other city on the continent. If you live in Toronto, this should come as no surprise as you stare out towards your previously unobstructed view directly into a crane that will soon complete a condo literally right in front of your eyes.

The market continues to be led by the residential sector, which makes up over 86% of the total crane count,” reads the report. “Other active sectors include mixed-use and commercial developments, followed by education, healthcare, and hospitality. Looking ahead, Toronto is expected to see a boost in spending on infrastructure, which is anticipated to trigger an increase in construction activity.”

Toronto is already home to one of the world’s most impressive skylines and it’s only going to get bigger from here. More than 400 high-rise projects are currently in the proposal stage, with another 215 already under construction. Among those is the 65-storey condo at 10 York Street and the 60-storey Massey Tower.

The 208-metre Massey Tower is expected to open this year.

Perhaps all of these new residential projects will bring the cost of housing down a little in the near future. lol, just kidding, it won’t. Some nice places to look at, though!