Toronto is Officially the Worst City in North America to Commute

Well, we’ve made it – Torontonians can now be envious of commuting in Los Angeles.

A recent study has confirmed that Toronto has the worst commute times in all of North America. In fact, of the 74 commuter hotspots in 16 countries analyzed, there were only five cities that scored worse.

Prepared by U.K.-based Expert Market, cities were ranked by looking at seven data points to determine:

  • – Average time spent commuting each day
  • – Average time waiting for a bus or a train each day
  • – Average journey distance (one way)
  • – The percentage of commuters who make at least one change as part of a single journey
  • The average cost of a monthly travel card as a percentage of average net monthly salary was also weighed.

According to the data, Torontonians spend an average of 96 minutes per day commuting, 14 minutes waiting for a bus or train, and travel an average of 10 kilometres to their destination. Cost of a monthly travel card is 6.5% of monthly income, which is also among the most expensive in the world. Maybe it’ll be worth it in 15 years

Four South American cities – Rio, Bogota, Sao Paolo, and Salvador – as well as Istanbul are the only places surveyed where getting from point A to point B is more of a nightmare.

Nice, France, by contrast, was ranked the best city for commuters, with residents spending only 40 minutes on average to commute. The city of Cuenca, Ecuador (second) is the only non-European city near the top of the rankings before Minneapolis-St. Paul makes an appearance at the 20 spot. To be fair, most of the best-performing cities have, like, 25 cars in circulation on any given day.

Here are the 10 worst cities to commute:

And the 10 best: