Toronto is Going to Be One of the Hottest Places in the World Today

If you’re reading this, I hope it’s not too late.

According to Environment Canada, Toronto will more or less feel like hell today. While the temperature will hover around a mere 28 degrees Celsius, the humidex pushes that number all the way up to 43.

A humidex in that range is categorized as causing “great discomfort” and borders on “heat stroke quite possible” according to the Meteorological Service of Canada’s ‘Scale of Comfort’. It should go without saying that unnecessary exertion like going to work should be avoided (if only it were that easy).

The City of Toronto has officially issued a heat warning in response to “the most significant heat event” of the past half decade or so. And it’s no about to end anytime soon – expect the suffocating steaminess to last until the weekend as it settles down for a short reprieve before once again turning it up for the next workweek. The good news? Eight outdoor pools will see extended hours, remaining open until 11:45 p.m.

“Daytime highs again will be near mid-thirties with humidex near mid-forties. Overnight low temperatures are expected to be in the low twenties, except high teens in some rural areas, providing little or no relief from the heat,” reads a statement from Environment Canada.

The wrath will be felt across Southern Ontario – including Hamilton and Barrie – and stretches all the way to Montreal, where six people have already died as a result of complications from the heat.

Should you feel the need to complain, just remember: a few months ago we were mired in what can only be described as the Never-ending Winter of 2018.