Toronto is Getting its Very Own Poutineville

By Maggie Sylvester

Poutine gods Camille Fresco and Kosta Kariotakis are coming from the poutine capital of Canada – Montreal, obviously – to bring the high-end restaurant Poutineville to Toronto (296 Brunswick Ave).

Unlike their competition, Poutineville tailors each plate to the customer and allows them to pick their toppings from a list. With filet mignon on the menu, beef that has been braised for  eight hours, and the average poutine costing $12, its easy to see how Poutineville sets itself apart from the average paper cup-offering poutinery.   

A preset menu doesn’t begin to describe what this restaurant has to offer. You can create all the custom dishes you desire by simply selecting from a list of dozens of ingredients.

For the non-poutine lover, Poutineville has a range of burgers and sandwiches to keep you satisfied. But for everyone else, we’d suggest going big or going home with one of the many poutine options, like, say, the Heart Attack dish. 

This 15lb plate is recommended for 6-8 people (a mere 2lb per person), but however many friends you bring, let’s just say you’ve been warned. This mass of fries, bacon, hotdogs, ham, chicken, onion, peppers, tomatoes, and more is one of their biggest sellers in Montreal. We shouldn’t have to point this out, but it’s not an order for the faint of heart – or stomach for, that matter.

Discover the hidden patio, enjoy a personalized poutine, and sip a cocktail on Bloor St.

That’s right, this poutinery also has booze to match your binge eating. And it’s open until 4am Friday and Saturday night (2am Thursday; Sunday to Wednesday until 11pm).

With about 15,000 pounds of potatoes used a week at their Montreal locations, we expect it won’t take long for them to be going through the same amount in Toronto. 

Doors officially open this Wednesday, but you should already be thinking about what you’re going to name your specialized heart stopper. 

Us, we’re going with The Bloor West Gravy Train.


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