Toronto House that is “Not Currently Livable” Sells for $1M… ‘Cause Everyone Has Clearly Gone Insane

The good news? We have have found the perfect house for Kate Whyte.

The bad news? Well, according to The Star, the house has been described as being in “extremely poor condition” and “not currently livable.” In fact, realtor Lindsay Wright told the Star it is “unusual to have to tell prospective buyers to keep low expectations about the interior of a house she was selling.”

Low expectations in this case mean that the current tenants are of the four-legged variety – there’s a literal hole in the roof, and dirt is the flooring (or at least, floor covering) of choice.

Sounds like a hell of a deal, right? The kind of place that would easily go for $100K over asking (yes, yes it did).


Sadly, this is apparently what it costs to live in The Beaches. According to Wright, a veteran of The Beach real estate scene, the average price of a house sold in the neighbourhood this past month was $979,450.

Well, you know what they say: location, location, location. And 41 Kippendavie Ave. has just that. Even if that’s all it has.

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