Toronto Finally Makes Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Cities to Visit

Toronto hasn’t always been a destination city.

Beyond TIFF in September – we weren’t really making any big ‘must visit’ lists.

That is, until recently.

And if there’s one trusted name in travel it’s Lonely Planet. You know, the makers of those city tour guidebooks that tell you how to get off the beaten path and live like a local when you travel.

Well, they released their biggest guidebook of the year – “Best in Travel 2015” – and finally, we made the cut.

It took a long time for Toronto to start building a reputation as a must visit city, but with our cultural game as on point as it’s ever been, we seem to have arrived.

Not only is the city seen as a destination for film lovers, our music scene is constantly growing (new festivals pop up every summer), and our food scene has quickly turned into something to be envious of – with big name restauranteurs making it a point to open up shop here alongside the burgeoning street food culture.

Even our boutique fashion, arts, and hotel industries are becoming something worthy of a traveler’s attention.

And with the Pan Am games coming here this summer, our sports scene is going to be on fire – even if the Maple Leafs, Blue Jays, and Raptors can’t bring home a trophy.

We know Toronto gets in trouble for patting itself on the back too much – Canadians never like the guy who brags about being awesome – but sometimes it’s good to take a look at your home and recognize how far it’s come. 

Lonely Planet chooses cities for its list based on a few key factors: topicality, unique experiences, and “wow” factor.

Sitting alongside other cities such as Washington, Vienna, Milan, Zermatt, and Salisbury – it’s safe to say we’re in good company.

Lonely Planet cites Toronto’s diversity – over 140 languages are spoken here – as well as the new Union Pearson Express Train, the Pan Am games, the food, and the shopping scene in Yorkville, Kensington Market, and Queen West as big reasons for foreigners to mark Toronto on their must see list in 2015.

We couldn’t agree more.


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