Toronto Filmmaker Seeks EDM Doc Funding Through Kickstarter

Back in July, we first told you about a documentary, The Global Groove Network, by Toronto-based young professional Courtney James. As you may recall, James travels around the globe for the film, interviewing some of the world’s most famous DJs as he explores the role of electronic music in society, identity and young adulthood. It examines our sometimes hard-partying young adult years, and how we meet and bond with the people in our life through the communal experience of music. This is especially relevant among today’s electronic music-loving YPs, and our love of large-scale music festivals like Coachella, Burning Man and Digital Dreams. The documentary provides incredible insight on the electronic music scene (as well as the other music genres) through James’ eyes, as well as the perspectives from some of the top global electronic music talent (over 60 DJs, including the likes of Pete Tong, Sander Kleinenberg, Swedish House Mafia and DJ Dan) who participated in the film.

Over six years in the making and a total labour of love, James funded the film entirely on his own dime, something he descries as “really f*cking difficult.” The McMaster University grad put himself into debt, started working crazy, odd hour jobs to make time to make the film, and discovered his ultimate inner patience, relying on the favours and kindness of people who put in extra free hours to get the movie made.

Now, James just signed a distribution deal and is close to the finish line on his beloved project. The one thing that stands his way is a final post-production session, which has been on hold since the film’s sneak peek back in May, when we got to originally see the documentary at a packed Toronto theatre. 


James, with his credit cards maxed and a few thousand (15k, to be exact) dollars short of making his dream come true, has turned to the fundraiser site known as Kickstarter, a unique space where young people are raising serious funds for their projects. The community embraces the talented underdog that can’t rely on the oversaturated studio system. James is hoping that, through Kickstarter, he will reach his financial goal by the February 20th deadline. He has until this deadline to raise the $15K or he will receive nothing that he has raised… it’s the way the site works. It is, then, very much a do or die situation for the documentary.  

“I know I am not curing diseases or saving lives with my campaign,” acknowledges James, “I am hoping that art and music lovers will donate what they can for the love of art.” If you help out (as James says, “no donation is too small”), you will receive some cool incentives, which include an amazing WMC DJ experience at the top of the list, all the way down to owning the movie with any donation you make. 

You can follow James’ progress on his blog. Also on the blog is a chance to see the film through a private link on Vimeo, which James shares with readers who take the time to read his raw and heartfelt blog entry. Check out the film and discover why sometimes “you just need to get lost in the music,” as James says.

Donate to The Global Groove Network cause here.