Toronto Couple Breaks Up With a Powerful Video That Everyone Can Relate to

Two former Toronto lovers needed some closure on their “perfect”-turned-turbulent relationship.

So they united to tell their breakup story through a powerful dance that will remind you of that one gut-wrenching breakup (heads up: you may want to grab a Kleenex box now if the breakup is still fresh).

“Jelena Savic and I were lovers for more than 3 years. To anyone that knew us, we were the definition of the perfect couple for most of our relationship. We were madly in love. Towards the end, things changed. We became jealous, possessive, and co-dependent,” writes Corey Wayne Wadden on his Facebook page.


He and Savic broke up in March.

They decided to do the piece to raise awareness for toxic relationships – something most of us have experienced by now in our dating lives.

“After several months of being apart and growing individually, I contacted her about an idea: to put rest to our past and create our own blank slate. We’re both performers and love Sia, so we decided to do our own piece to her song, Eye of The Needle,” writes Wadden. “This piece is inspired by our own past, Sia, and Marina Abramovic’s ‘The Lovers’.”


Watching the powerful video will remind many of us of a past relationship, and the maddening rollercoaster of contradictory emotions it can bring.

Wadden concludes his post with words of advice to those currently struggling through toxic relationships.

“If you are currently in one, either accept your partner for who they are without blaming, shaming or judging them, or leave. If you work on yourself, your ideal partner will present themselves. We both needed to work on ourselves individually before we were able to truly appreciate and be good to one another.”

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