This Cool Toronto CEO Is Empowering Women One Period At A Time

Alyssa Bertram is the CEO & Founder of Easy. (easy period). The service that delivers 100% organic cotton menstrual hygiene products to women’s doors across North America and donates on their behalf to delivering pads to girls in Kenya. Alyssa is leading her company with transparency to help to empower women both locally and abroad.


Do you know where you got your drive from?

I’ve always had a desire to create something of my own. I often felt when working for someone else that I would do things differently. I found that in roles where there was no built in capacity to give back or feel like I was making a difference in the life of someone who could benefit from it, I felt stifled. I think the desire for work like this is what drove me to create it.

How do you stay self-motivated?

I stay motivated by focusing on what’s working. It can be tempting sometimes to look at how much farther there is to go or focus only on the challenges but I find if I stay rooted in what’s already working I can find more creative solutions to challenges that present themselves. I also allow myself to have periods where I’m not overly motivated. I think we need rest for productivity to stay moving forward.

What would you say is your preferred way to network?

Authentically. Whenever I can really connect one-on-one with someone in a way that feels meaningful where we can see that we’re more alike than we are different I feel that I’ve successfully “networked.” It’s more about building relationships with people. Learning to listen and be curious about what really lights people up.

How did you get into the business of periods?

Sort of by accident. I had heard in an entrepreneurship course that great business’ start when someone finds a pain in their life and solves it and to be buying tampons was a pain. I thought that having them delivered just made sense. So slowly over a period (no pun intended) of a few years I started taking the steps necessary to take action.


How would you describe your process for deepening relationships?

I find if I lead with vulnerability and transparency people usually meet me at the same level. It seems in relationships you get what you give or the relationship will naturally fade away.

What are your preferred tools for keeping organized?

I’m a big fan of google docs and an email folder fiend. I also keep a moleskin on me at all times for notes and ideas.

What is your favourite way to market your product or services?

Social media’s been really helpful. It’s amazing to be able to see upfront the profiles of all of the people who engage with your brand. I can see right away what they like and what they don’t, what resonates with them. Social media and word of mouth have been the greatest marketing streams for us.

Who has been your mentor in helping you find success?

I have quite a few individuals who have been successful in various fields who I turn to for advice that I really value. Being an entrepreneur can be quite isolating. It’s very crucial that I have people who I trust that I can bounce ideas off of and get feedback from.

What social issue does your organization raise funds and/or awareness for?

Easy.’s larger mission is to address the shame surrounding menstruation and help to empower women both locally and abroad. We do this by being transparent and representative through our advertising of the realities of menstruation. In addition, 5% of profits from our service are donated to delivering pads and health education to women and girls in Kenya who would otherwise lack access, through Zana Africa Foundation.

How and where do you continue to learn?

I’m a huge reader. I love reading, there are so many topics that fascinate me and so much knowledge to absorb. I also learn a lot through my conversations with other people. Everyone can teach you something if you’re open to it.

How do you feed your soul?

I feed my soul through writing, that really calms me down and helps me understand my thoughts and feelings. A good bath. A meal with friends or family. Spending time with my siblings.

How would you describe the eating ritual that makes you feel most powerful?

I feel most powerful when I have the time to slowly prepare a meal with fresh ingredients and share it with someone. Nothing beats the smell of food cooking and eating a nourishing meal you’ve made. That happens a lot less often than I’d like lately!

Who is your favourite personality to follow on YouTube?

Gabrielle Bernstein. For years I’ve been watching her vlogs, they help centre me and remind me of the way of thinking that makes me feel most empowered.

What type of content do you find most compelling on Instagram?

I like diverse faces, poetry, artwork, fashion. A bit of everything to be honest. Anything that makes me feel something.

What lifestyle brand would you say shares your values most?


Who is your favourite artist?

So hard to choose one. Maybe Sade.

What is your favourite meal?


Where is your favourite place to unwind?

The beach.

What outlets and resources would you recommend for entrepreneurs?

I think there are endless podcasts, books, articles available out there. We live in a time where we have so many resources at our fingertips so I would say to take advantage of all of those. Find out what resources are in place for start ups in your city and get in touch. Find people who have lifestyles you’re fond of and get in touch with them or read about them. The blueprint is usually there if you’re willing to seek it out.

What advice would you give other young female entrepreneurs?

To any young entrepreneur I would say trust your instincts. If there is something you’re passionate about that you can’t stop thinking about or talking about, there’s likely a reason for that. Remember that by following that passion, you’ll potentially help someone else along the way, it can help to focus on the impact to others to avoid letting your own fears get in the way. Remember that you have as much capacity as anyone else to create change and effect what comes next in this world.