Toronto Brothers Have Invented ‘Two Week’ Tattoos That Look Like the Real Thing

Sometimes you just have to play to your audience.

Yes, Millennials, we’re talking to you.


After all, what’s more fitting for a generation that has an attention span shorter than a goldfish than a temporary representation of something permanent?

Think about it: tramp stamps without the unwanted legacy, barbed wire wrapped only around young and bulging biceps, Taylor Swift’s face on your face for no longer than the tour lasts…

But seriously, this is actually a pretty great idea. In a culture that too often mistakes desire for destiny, the ability to attain instant gratification without long-term regret seems a lot more fitting than that Tibetan symbol for ‘peace’ you’ve been debating ever since you visited Everest’s Base Camp.

Called Inkbox, the tattoos are made from an organic fruit-based ‘ink’ that stains the first layer of your skin and allows them to stay there longer than anything you’d find in a Double Bubble wrapper. Safe for your skin, the tattoos, once pressed on for 10 minutes with a damp towel, take about 24 hours to show up on your skin and will stick around for 12-15 days.

This is body art as accessory like never before.

Currently aiming to raise $20K on Kickstarter, Toronto-based brothers Tyler and Braden Handley are also promising to “donate a percentage of every sale (not from your Kickstarter pledge) to the Darien Initiative, which has provided community and agricultural support to the Embera-Wounaan and Kuna tribes of the Darien Gap, Panama for 0ver 30 years.” Not coincidentally, “these tribes have been dying their skin with the pulp of the Genipa Americana fruit for thousands of years,” and it’s where the brothers got their idea from.

Here’s to making mistakes we can all live with. Check out their Kickstarter video below for more info: