Toronto Bar Makes All Non-Alcoholic Drinks Free for Designated Drivers

Many of us are currently trying to fight temptation and battle through #SoberJanuary by opting to drive our friends around instead of drinking with them.

Thankfully, one Toronto bar has just made going out for designated drivers a whole lot easier.

Over the weekend, Nightowl Bar in Little Italy shared on their Facebook  that they will be offering free non-alcoholic drinks to designated drivers.

We shouldn’t have to profit off of your decision to be responsible. Thank you for being safe.Love, Nightowl.

Posted by Nightowl Toronto on Friday, January 15, 2016

Braden Rubinoff, the owner of the Nightowl, said this will include anything from pop, to virgin caesars and mojitos.

Rubinoff told Notable that this initiative is his way of giving back to his customers and letting them know that they can still come out to the bar and have fun, even though they aren’t drinking.

“People are under the impression that they need to drink to have fun. And for the people who are already making sacrifices by driving their friends around, we want them to come out and still feel like they can have a good time,” said Rubinoff.

While this initiative is going to be permanently in effect for all Nightowl DDs, Rubinoff hopes that it inspires other bars to follow suit.

If this doesn’t entice you and your friends to come checkout the Nightowl, perhaps the all you can eat wings and taco nights and live music will…