Toronto-Area Man Posts Creepy Public Letter to Call Out Women Who Reject Him

An unidentified dweeb, presumably from Toronto, has posted what can only be described as the most ineffective letter to the opposite sex so far this year.

Twitter user Matt Pops Collins recently uploaded a photo of the letter with the (highly accurate) caption, “A 100% non serial killer thing to do is just print this up and put it up all over town with black duct tape.”

Here’s a guy who went from offering to carry a stranger’s groceries to threatening murder in a matter of one line – certainly not indicative of a ‘good guy’. As for not getting laid, it probably has something to do with his condescending patriarchy and curious possession of duct tape.

Most damaging to his cause, he assumes that women can’t make informed decisions without his good guy advice, second-guessing choices that haven’t even been made based on the gender hypothetically making them.

In fact, the public plea has actually done more harm than good. One Twitter user had this to say about nice guys after reading his rambling obstruction to masculine dignity: “Jesus Christ! They’re everywhere! Watching, wanking and crying!”

Oh, dear. From self-appointed ‘good guy’ to petulant wanker – this guy’s the definition of the redemption phrase, “but he’s nice!”

And it gets even worse: As a matter of courtesy, a Tumblr user by the name of Megan left a response to the flyer in which she outlined why holding a door open is not a prerequisite to sex: