Top 10 Quotes From the Top 10 Event

Incase you’re unfamiliar with the initiative, the Top 10 Event invites 10 celebrated speakers to tell the audience what the most important thing is that they should know before they die in under 10 minutes. Hosted by professional speaker Stuart Knight, whose company has helped inspire over 1 million people worldwide, speakers at the event range from politicians to musicians and billionaire executives to A-list television personalities. 

Last week’s event in Toronto, held at the legendary Winter Garden Theatre, delivered an entertaining, inspiring and truly thought-provoking kaleidoscope of ideas and insight by people who’ve established careers that many young professionals can certainly aspire to. Led by Knight’s highly amusing method of hosting and comedic injections, the evening covered topics ranging from assisting underdeveloped communities on a local level to real world business advice you won’t learn in school. It also left us with a few memorable quotes that can be applied to both our professional and social development as young professionals…

“He who dies with the most stories wins.”
Alan Cross, legendary radio host and commentator 

“Find the why to live and then the how.”
Anthony Maddox, Emmy-nominated producer, writer and director

“I didn’t think I was a workaholic because I didn’t consider what I was doing work. It was a joy.”
Hannah Gartner, one of Canada’s premier journalists

“Risk is the greatest element we have as entrepreneurs” 
Ajay Virmani, Owner of Canada’s largest cargo airline

“Understanding why is a big part of moving on. More understanding results in less conflict.”
Mellissa Fung, journalist and prisoner in Afghanistan 

“Own who you are.”
Jully Black, multi-Juno Award-winning recording artist

“Push past your past. Are you living or existing?”
Piers Handling, TIFF organizer

“We should judge a society based on how we treat those who have the least. Invest in young people and open doors for them.”
David Miller, former Mayor of Toronto

“My default is transparency. I relax around honesty. The truth always sets me free.”
Sandra Shamas, Gemini Award-winning comedian