Tomorrow is Take Your Dog to Work Day

There is a new trend in some forward-thinking workplaces across the country- the addition of a fulltime office dog. Tomorrow, some young professionals (YPs) will get to spend extra time with their beloved pooch on the 15th anniversary of Take Your Dog to Work Day. The canine-friendly day encourages employers to open their workplace to our four-legged friends. The day was started by pet care education group Pet Sitters International, who designate the Friday following Father’s Day each year as the day, with a MO to raise awareness for pet adoption.

There are many benefits to having your dog at work. Several studies including the International Journal of Workplace Health Management have reported that pets in the workplace can have significant benefits, from increased productivity and a boost in employee morale to increased sales.

Randy Valpy, President of Pets Plus Us allows employees to take their dogs to work everyday. In a recent video, Pets Plus Us employees talk about taking their dog to work. 

If you decide to bring your dog into work tomorrow, obviously check with your employer first (some workplaces are far from canine-friendly) and be smart about it. Top Dog, Randy Valpy from Pet Plus Us community program offers some petiquette tips to ensure you and your dog both have a great day; remember, not everyone is going to love your dog or think he is as cute as you do.

Bring only pet-friendly and people-friendly dogs. Many owners mistakenly think their dog is better behaved than they actually are. Before meeting a new person make sure Rover sits and waits to be greeted.

Learn the loose leash technique. Nervous owners make for nervous dogs. When meeting another dog for the first time, make sure the leash is slack.  

Bring your own food, treats and toys. Remember, you still want to get some work done. A few of your dog’s favorite things can help keep him occupied.

Respect your dog’s ‘roof-tine’. Dogs hunt, eat, sleep, and poop…ALMOST always in that order. Before bringing your dog into the office take your dog for a nice long walk and give her a bite to eat.

You may have to fire your dog. Not all dogs are ready to be taken to work. If your dog cannot behave himself, it’s time to remove him from the situation.

Remember to bring things like comfortable shoes for walks throughout the day, a water bowl and food, clean up essentials in the event of an “accident,” and a leash. Have fun!