Today’s Notable 3some in Toronto: July 23, 2014

Here’s a trio of the hottest things you can do on the second last Hump Day in July.*

Sonny Under the Assumption
Where: AKI Studio Theatre, Daneil Spectrum Artscape
When: 7:00pm

Prominent NYC playwright Edward Allan Baker brings a two-act drama to the Toronto stage for the first time. A fire ruins a community centre, forcing Sonny, her activist boyfriend, and their ex-con volunteers to take up space in a run-down church on Rhode Island to keep suicide hotlines, medical assistance, and daycares running. We assume it goes off without a hitch.

Free Hot Dogs
Where: Fancy Frank’s Gourmet Hot Dogs
When: Noon-7:00pm

National Hot Dog Day is apparently a thing. And as far as made up days go, we’re vaulting it right up to the top of the list (eat your heart out Valentine’s Day). Why? Free hot dogs for seven hours should do it. Expect lines, live music, and the world’s largest collection of bad wiener jokes. 

Where: Casa Loma    
When: 7:00pm   

Spend Hump Day with a little class. Head up to the castle and hit the gardens for a symphonic evening dedicated to Edith Piaf (you probably know her as Marion Cotillard). A drink, a well-lit castle, a view of the skyline, and La Vie En Rose: this is your elegant choice of the day.

*Of course, no one would blame you for staying in to contemplate the terrifying power of irony.


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