Today’s Notable 3some in Toronto: February 4, 2014

Here’s a trio of the hottest things you can do in the city on the most awkward day of the week.*

Black History Film
Where: Palmerston Library, 560 Palmerston Ave
When: 1:30pm – 2:45pm

In case you threw out all your calendars and you’re in a fight with time itself, let us remind you that it’s Black History Month. You should probably take advantage of some of the cultural events happening around the city. Our pick for today is Gemini Award-winning film When Moses Woke. It’s a biopic of Harriet Tubman that includes a discussion with director Seth-Adrian Harris after the screening. Go learn a thing or two and get involved.

Tax Tips
Where: Lillian H. Smith Library, 239 College Street
When: 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Okay, we know that tax tips aren’t exactly ‘hot’, but you know what is? Saving money. So when we found out that Brian Quinlan, chartered accountant and co-author of 78 Tax Tips for Canadians for Dummies, was going to bust down the tax code and teach you how to keep The Man at bay as successfully as possible, we thought you might want to know about it. The lecture’s free, but our fee is 10%.

Classy Drunk
Where: The Emmet Ray. 924 College St.
When: 8:00pm – 11:00pm

Sorry, is there any other kind of drunk? We didn’t think so. The Emmet Ray will host Classy Drunk #11 tonight, a line-up of five hilarious comics all doing their shtick up on stage. All of these seasoned vets have been on TV, radio, or covered festivals including Just for Laughs and NXNE. Throw in one of the best whisky selections in town and this is pretty much guaranteed to be one of the funniest nights you’ve had in the city in a long time. Just don’t laugh too hard – whisky out your noise burns for days.

*Of course, no one would blame you for staying in to continue to discuss Peyton Manning’s legacy. After all, no else is doing it. All day. Every day. And won’t stop. 

#LYNL | (Live Your Notable Life)

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