Today’s Notable 3some in Toronto: April 23, 2014

Here’s a trio of the hottest things you can do on Hump Day.*

Where: Various  
When: Tonight

Toronto has a lot of acts stepping up to the mic tonight all across the city. Prolific singer-songwriter Holly Golightly be will at The Horseshoe. Jim Cuddy and Whitehorse will both be playing at a private residence tonight to support the Ladybird Animal Sanctuary. And up-and-coming British soul singer Sam Smith will be making people swoon at the Mod Club. Like we said, lots of options for your ears tonight. 

3D Printing
Where: Hot Pop Factory, 215 Spadina Ave
When: 6:30pm 

 Look, we don’t really get it either. Does this mean that eventually we’ll be able to print printers? Whoa. Anyway, a good beginner course into a field that seems sure to be the next big thing (if it isn’t already) is probably the best way to ensure you don’t end up looking like your parents every time you hand them an iPad (i.e. like they’re interacting with some sort of alien species) when your boss eventually ends up asking you to print something in more than two dimensions.

Where: Bhakti Lounge, 117 Dundas St. E.
When: 6:30pm 

This probably isn’t for meat lovers… actually maybe it is. This three-hour course aims to teach you how to make vegan food that’ll bring some fire and spice into your life while not killing animals in the process. If the word that instantly comes to mind when you think of vegan eating is boring then this is the class for you. We’re not saying you shouldn’t eat meat, it’s just always a good idea to have options.   

*Of course, no one would blame you for staying in to lint. It’s obviously very important.   

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