Today is National Tequila Day: Here’s Where to Celebrate in Toronto

While I’m sure you all had a great time celebrating Canada Day, what you’ve probably realized by now is that the festivities of July 1st are just a warm-up. Or should I say, worm-up…

Because today, July 24th, is National Tequila Day.


The history of National Tequila Day is both unknown and irrelevant. Its celebration, however, is compulsory. Whether you’re brandishing the Blanco, rocking the Reposado, or inhaling the Añejo, today is a day where all who marvel at the Mezcal unite in celebration of its beauty and utility.

Many a night have gone from “respectable” to “shots?” to “where are my f***ing pants?”, and often, for that unmemorable transition, we have Tequila to thank.

So if you’re in Toronto on this fine day, here are some of the best places in which you can pay your respects.

Reposado Bar & Lounge
With the city’s largest selection of premium tequila (offered in a number of optional tasting flights), a cozy back patio and a great live band starting at 10pm, this should probably be a go-to for just about any celebration involving tequila.


El Caballito Tequila y Tacos
When the word is in the name of your restaurant, you know appreciation isn’t going to be an issue. With almost 50 tequilas on their drink menu, all available by the shot or by the bottle, this place is great for its selection – but even better for its parties.


Dos Amigos
If you’re going to be in the Mexican spirit, you should probably indulge in some Mexican food, and these two pals have some of the best in town. Oh, right, and they have a whole whack of awesome tequilas too. Almost 60 of ‘em, actually.


El Catrin
127 different tequilas and mezcals, 6 different margaritas served by the glass or by the pitcher, and one of the best patios in the city. With the weather as-is, this spot in the Distillery is perfect for a day like today.


La Carnita
While tequila is best appreciated neat, the incredible tacos here are the perfect nutritional accompaniment for your celebration. It’s not the largest selection in the city, but it’s one of the better ones. And their music selection is always phenomenal.


Check them out on Yonge, Mercer, or Queen Street; all have an authentic Cantina feel and a tequila menu about 80-deep. And their food is definitely something to squeeze a lime at.


Playa Cabana
Now with technically four locations, this is one of the more popular Mexican joints in the city. Mostly known for their grub, they also have a full-figured menu of tequilas to facilitate the evening’s festivities.


If you’re in the North Toronto area, there aren’t a whole lot of options for National Tequila Day. But alongside its teleport-you-to-Mexico décor, its delicious margaritas and its good food, the short but sweet list of tequilas at Chacho’s will definitely do the trick.

chchaosSorber segura, amigos!