Tips for Making Over Your Closet

One of the most common statements to come out of every young professional’s mouth in the morning seems to be, “I have nothing to wear!” 

We’ve been shopping our whole lives and we all have closets filled with clothes, so how is it that we can never find anything to wear? Buying the latest bag, dress or suit is pointless if you can never find it when you are getting dressed. Having a clean, well-organized wardrobe is vital to getting dressed on a hectic morning and can even add a little enjoyment in the wee hours! 

De-cluttering your wardrobe seems like a fairly simple task, but we have come up with some tips on converting your wardrobe from orderly to systematically “shoppable.”

Make Room in Your Closet
Go through every item and ask yourself if you have worn it in the last two years. If you haven’t, then toss it or donate it. And if it has sentimental value to you, store it.

Store Any Out-of-Season Items
Make space in your closet by storing anything out of season (that you won’t be wearing for the next couple of months). Purchase transparent bins and store them in the basement, slide them under your bed, or put them in a hall closet.

Use One Type of Hanger
Your closet will look the neatest by using one type of hanger (and by eliminating all wire hangers). Hang as much as possible – you will wear more if you can see it.

Arrange Clothing into “Zones”
Make sections for tops, sweaters, bottoms, dresses, suits, etc. Depending on how your closet is laid out, shorter items like tops and shorts can go into the shorter zones, and longer items such as long pants and dresses go into longer zones.

Arrange Clothing by Colour
Colour-coding your closet creates an organized look. Within each zone, colour-code types of clothing to create a pleasing aesthetic. This tactic also makes it much easier to assemble outfits.

Fold All Sweaters
Folding sweaters and knits prevents them from stretching. If you don’t have enough space in your closet for folding clothing, a bookshelf is the perfect makeshift closet.

Arrange All Shoes
Bookshelves are also the perfect display for shoes. Arrange shoes by type and then colour. Alternating your shoes gives you more room and also shows off all features of the shoes.

Arrange Accessories
Create a different section for your jewelry and accessories and display it beautifully and stylishly. There are many ways to exhibit and organize your accessories – just make it your own!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Having a full-length mirror in or adjacent to the closet creates the feeling of a dressing room and also makes your space feel bigger.

Merchandise Your Showcase Pieces
Using a rolling rack or even craftily making your own assists in showing off your favourite pieces and can give you an area to play around with to plan your outfits for the week. Who said getting ready was a chore?

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