Tinhorn Creek Hosts Tasting With a Social Media Twist

Being social media savvy, the Notable team snuck out for a few hours last week to check out Tinhorn Creek Wines social media-friendly tasting event held on the edge of the Gastown/Railtown hood at the Vancouver Urban Winery.

Located in a converted warehouse, the Vancouver Urban Winery has been completely gutted and stylishly updated to appeal to city-dwelling wannabe winemakers. Its huge open-concept room, expansive wood bar and high beams offered a vineyard-esque feel appropriate for this socially-driven, brown-bag tasting event that drew quite the crowd.


Upon arrival, guests were given a glass, a pencil and a list of wines to blind taste (varietal, vintage and style required). They were encouraged to make their way around to various tasting stations and put their palate to the test in hopes of winning one of an enviable collection of prizes up for grabs. The room was abuzz (or shall we say, a-Twitter) with live-feed twitter updates displayed courtesy of a large projection screen, all adding to the energetic plugged-in vibe of the event.

In between our own tweets, we sampled exquisite canapés and tried our hand at a bit of blind tasting, getting a crash-course tutorial courtesy of Tinhorn Creek winemaker Sandra Oldfield. Come time for the brown bag reveal, those party-goers with the most correct guesses scored big. Notably, we were not one of them; alas, we got over this realization rather quickly and soaked sorrows away with a glass of Rose just fine.

Get a glimpse of this socially-pumped event and peruse our gallery here