Tinder’s CEO Just Revealed What Makes the Perfect Profile Picture

The days of catching someone’s eye from across a crowded room have long been replaced with matching up with someone on a crowded app.

And this despite the fact that your chances of success while talking to the person in a crowded room are likely much higher than all the swiping in the world.

Because when it comes down to talking to someone over a dating app, like Tinder for example, you’re going to have to offer dating hopefuls more than just a memorable opening line.

Since Tinder first opened to the public three-and-a-half years ago it has matched more than 11 billion potential couples, which has generated some cliché one liners, but also some useful data that proves what works and what doesn’t work on a Tinder profile.

According to Tinder CEO Sean Rad, one of the most surprising things he has learned from looking at all of the accumulated data is how we underestimate how much information humans pick up from a simple photo.

So if a picture says a thousand words, what story should a Tinder profile photo say?

“The data shows this: When your photo expresses something about your interests — like a skier skiing — or something about your personality, you do better,” Rad said. “You do better as in you get more matches. I always tell people to be yourself.”

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Photo: Advertising Week Europe

Speaking in front of an audience at the Advertising Week Europe conference in London, the 29-year-old also revealed that the worst kind of photos to use on Tinder are fake headshots or those that resemble model-esque poses.

The data also revealed that when a user includes a photo of themselves with a group of friends, users will swipe through the initial image and grow tired of trying to figure out which person is which and end the interaction.

“Shots that display what you look like, the environment you live in, and your interests — they work,” say Rad.

If you use images which clearly display your interests – i.e. travelling, sports, axe throwing – you’re more likely to make meaningful connections with users who share or admire your passions. In other words, remove the creepy shirtless mirror pics.