Tinder Threw a Twitter Tantrum Last Night After Being Blamed for the “Dating Apocalypse”

Tinder, a wasteland of deranged pick-up lines and original publisher of the Kama Sutra, went on a Twitter rampage last night after a lengthy Vanity Fair article blamed the hook-up app for spawning the ‘dating apocalypse’.

The company unleashed 30 amusingly vapid tweets to plead its case as a socially accountable service that’s changing the world and breaking barriers – barriers like online censorship in China and North Korea, which doesn’t make any sense since Facebook is banned there and necessary to authenticate the app.

An important question:

What seemed like the action of one rogue employee turned out to actually be a strategy deployed by the company’s PR department, so it’s nice to know Tinder’s not just exclusively terrible at social media. Most fascinating was the company’s effort to identify itself as a curator of meaningful connections, of which it claims only a minority are about hooking up and that many end in a “shit ton of marriages.”

We’d be curious to know the divorce rate of marriages facilitated by an app that was launched just three years ago.

Sure, a few matches may lead to more wholesome outcomes than whisky d*ck and regret, but the majority of its 8 billion connections account for nothing more than a mildly decent story to tell at brunch. Let us know when you swipe right on your next Euro trip BFF…

It’s actually kind of baffling to see Tinder so staunchly separate itself from the purpose it has so successfully carved out for itself, which is that even someone with the personality of toast can get laid at the swipe of a finger. They’re swiping left on an unmistakable brand identity with all this humanitarian drivel, which the marketing department can’t be too thrilled about.

Tinder ended the rant with a few justifications for how it is changing the world and not acting as the global dating fabric’s defective condom Vanity Fair made it out to be, like the fact that people can connect their Instagram account, need to be on Facebook to register, and have the ability to build a Tinder profile. Deep. 

Should have listened to Meagan when you were just six tweets deep…