The New Tinder For Super Rich People And Celebrities

As if it was necessary, Tinder has developed a secret app for “desirable” people which actually means Tinder for rich people and celebrities. If you’re neither rich nor famous, you wouldn’t know about Tinder Select even though it’s been on the market for six months.

From a brand perspective, it’s smart of Tinder to strategically segment their user base into markets divided by income, lifestyle and demographics — it’s what every brand does with every digital product they operate, like newsletters and blogs. Here at Notable Life, we segment our newsletters into geographically diverse segments, like “Calgary”, “Vancouver” and “Montréal”, so we can send Canadians more relevant, local news.

But geographically diverse segments are much different than financially diverse segments, especially when the only division is between “rich enough” and “not rich enough.”

The new Tinder for rich people is called Select and uses the brand’s IP and secretive Elo rating system to find “rich enough” users, including celebrities. Select Tinder users can also nominate others to join the club, by invitation only. Select users also have the option to slip into the Tinder for “not rich enough” people if they’re feeling like somebody more, ahem, grounded.

Tinder Select has been in existence for six months but if you’re not super rich or a celebrity, you wouldn’t know about it. In fact, there are no plans for Tinder Select to officially launch into the dating app market. Tinder Select will just quietly exist and be known only amongst the world’s elite, like when to buy-low-and-sell-high and vacation in Chamonix.

The irony of Tinder Select is that all the rich people and celebrities already know each other — they’re only 1% of the world’s population, which doesn’t offer many to sort through. Like this guy said on Quora, “money is incestuous” and, unless you’re into that type of thing (which would, of course, be illegal), it’ll be the “not rich enough” people who are more lucky in love.

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