Tinder Plus is Coming…and Things Don’t Look Good

Tinder is on its way to 50 million users.

For some context: That’s more than twice the population of Australia.  

The app facilitates over 20 million ‘matches’ per day off of 1.5 billion swipes. And believe it or not, the average user logs in 11 times per day and spends an hour and a half swiping, perusing, and messaging.

Those are some pretty fascinating numbers. But numbers are exactly what’s going to change when Tinder Plus comes out in the next few months.

For starters, the ‘premium’ service is going to cost users an approximately $3 monthly subscription fee. With that subscription fee it appears as though users will have access to two major features.

1. “Passport” – the ability to match with people in cities other than your own.
2. The ability to undo accidental swipes.

Those are cool features; we’ve all been there. Not being able to line up a date before you get to Detroit is a drag and nobody likes that queasy feeling they get after accidentally swiping away their soulmate just because their muscle memory got the best of them after a long string of 2s.

But paying for Tinder Plus isn’t the big issue…yet. The issue is what non-paying Tinder users will lose when the app is split into the two tiers.

According to the Beta version so far, if you don’t upgrade to Tinder Plus, your swipes will get capped.


And then you’ll get some annoying, sadistic message like this:

Since Tinder Plus is still in Beta, the company hasn’t confirmed whether or not they will definitely launch with this functionality, but it’s not looking good.

Shame on you, Tinder. We thought you were our friend (with free benefits). 


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