Tim Hortons Men’s Bathrooms Will Soon Come With Diaper-Changing Tables

“It’s 2018” – that’s all you have to say to get something accomplished in Canada.

So starts the story of one frustrated father whose tweets to Tim Hortons motivated Canada’s used-to-be-favourite coffee and Timbit chain to install diaper-changing tables in its men’s bathrooms across the country.

Chris Webb, a father of two, tweeted the following last week after he was forced to change 14-month-old son’s diaper in a Tim Hortons women’s bathroom:

The situation has left him “shocked and humiliated,” according to further tweets. Dads rushed to share their stories with hashtags ranging from #mengoplaceswithbabies to #yayfordadsonbabyduty.

Well, guess what? Tim Hortons responded in impressively quick fashion, saying they will outfit their men’s bathrooms with diaper-changing tables across the company’s millions of locations from coast to coast.

“Constructive conversation with Tim Hortons this afternoon,” Webb tweeted. “All restaurants across Canada are being refurbished and change tables are being installed where possible.” #yayfordadsonbabyduty indeed.

“Obviously as a family brand, we need to make accessible changing tables available for all of our guests. This is now standard in our new restaurant design that is rolling out across Canada,” said Tim Hortons in a statement to CBC News.

So while tweeting may have caused Canada’s most significant diplomatic row in recent memory, it has also ushered in a progressive initiative for a company that could use all the help it can get right now.