Tim Hortons Will Cater to Coffee Snobs With New $12,000 Espresso Machines

Your Instagram’s about to see a whole lot more Tim Hortons geotags.

About half a decade behind the times and completely unaware of where it fits in the market, Tim Hortons has announced it will start offering more premium coffees in the near future.

Premium lattes and espressos are currently being tested in Vancouver, B.C. and London, Ont., and will reportedly be available nationwide next year.

tim hortons espresso machines

The strategy, of course, is to swoop into the market of millennial coffee drinkers, whose tastes have appreciated over recent years as Tim Hortons has been reduced to the level of #basic.

“The unique blend delivers a rich, creamy flavour featuring freshly ground Arabica espresso beans; and the lattes use freshly steamed 100 per cent Canadian milk,” said Tim Hortons Canada president Sami Siddiqui.

Part of the strategy will require franchisees to invest in $12,000 espresso machines, a demand made by parent company Restaurant Brands International.

tim hortons espresso machines

“They’ve got to convince their franchisees that the investment in the new machines and the new product is going to pay off in terms of sales and profitability,” said Jeff Dover, vice-president of fsStrategy in Toronto.

The new lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites, cortados and/or whatever else will be sold for several dollars more than a standard double-double.

Dover referenced a memorable line from Parks and Recreation to assert his confidence that the strategy will pay off.

“People will continue to treat themselves,” said.

We anticipate vegan, gluten-free Timbits by 2020.

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