Tilde: A New Mexican Restaurant in Greektown

Tilde first made headlines a few months ago when they offered a free taco to anyone willing to put in an hour of volunteer painting to help get the restaurant up and running.

And people seemed confused.

Instead of seeing this as the community gathering event it was intended to be, many people seemed to think this was an effort to source cheap labour. 

However, after stepping into Tilde and meeting owner Gauravi Shah, you realize how wrong that opinion was. She simply wants to create contemporary gourmet tacos (with her own twist) and serve them alongside a slew of craft beer options. The invite to paint wasn’t about saving money, it was about trying to introduce Tilde to the neighbourhood it was proud to be joining.

And The Danforth should be happy to have them.

The funky but casual vibe is an easy place to feel relaxed. And the aforementioned selection of craft beer (available in 2.5L tableside ‘kegs’) and wine-by-the-ounce offered on tap only help to encourage this feeling.

The ‘soft menu’ currently consists of five different tacos, a small collection of appetizers and sides, a pair of tostadas, and a couple of dessert options. Shah makes all the slaws and sauces in-house, and each offers a unique flavour profile to the dishes.

The Korean chicken taco comes with gochujang, avocado aioli, and fresh slaw, while The Steakhouse brings a blue cheese slaw to your palate to match its crispy onions and grilled steak. For less than $6 each, both are definitely worth checking out – in fact, we’d encourage you to order both at the same time to see just how far the Tilde taco flavour spectrum goes.    


Quite surprisingly, however, it may be Tilde’s chicken wings that keep you coming back for more. Shah’s secret blend of herbs and spices is the perfect sauce to accompany your favourite pound of poultry. They are a must-try. 

Currently open Wednesday through Saturday from 5pm until 10pm (though sometimes midnight), Tilde will soon be bringing Tuesday dinners, regular lunches, and a weekend brunch option to the table.

So the next time you’re in Greektown and looking for something that doesn’t involve the word gyro, we suggest you step in to Tilde and try out a fresh take on tacos. 

Oh, and have a few litres of beer for us too. 


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