Throw a Spontaneous House Party the Young Professional Way

Sometimes they’re well planned out, with formal invites, professional catering, perhaps even a theme. But even for the most organized young professional (YP), sometimes, house parties just happen. They can start with a few beers with buddies on a Saturday afternoon, or a spontaneous “let’s go back to my house” after a dinner out with friends. However it goes down, such impromptu plans always bring the risk of collateral party damage. To ensure that your home stays stellar and your rep stays solid, we have a few tips to help you stay in top YP form – even in the midst of a last-minute house party. 

If you can only clean one room…
The doorbell rings. There stands your old pal with a few of his or her old pals. They just happen to be in the neighbourhood and thought they’d come check out your new condo (great!). You (and your house) were not expecting anyone, but of course you invite them all in. As they make their way inside and grab a drink, you have a few free moments to run off and clean something before the party inevitably starts. Which room do you choose? Unless there is a blatant mess right in the living area (dirty dishes on the coffee table, stacks of half-folded laundry on the couch), our vote is to head to the one place where people tend to sit/stand and judge the most: the bathroom. There is no place more personal to have others invade upon than the bathroom, so if you have the chance to sneak off and tidy something, make it your toilet and sink area; no one wants to be all up in that mess.

Protect your sh*t
As the party ensues, there are a few simple ways to help prompt your guests to help protect your stuff: put out coasters, place napkin holders in strategic places, use plastic glassware, etc. But when it comes to keeping your hardwoods free of dents and your white couch free of stains, don’t be shy to straight up tell people to take off their stilettos and keep their feet off the couch. This is your house and your stuff; you’ve worked hard for all of it and so it’s OK to politely demand that others respect it. On a similar note, it’s also ok to politely take control of who attends your makeshift soiree. Shut your door, say no to that friend-of-a-friend who wants to invite their friend-of-a-friend, and of course feel free to ask people to leave if and when you so desire. We are no longer living in an age of peer pressure. We are YPs with high standards, great self-respect, and a lot to lose. You can let the good times roll, but in your house they roll by your rules.  

Keep it down
It sucks to have to be the party pooper at your own party, but as mature YPs, having respect for others is just part of our MO now. Sure, it may be Friday night for you and your party pals, but for neighbours with young kids, early work shifts, or just no desire to listen to Robin Thicke on repeat, it’s a different kind of evening. If you are in an apartment or condo, or enjoy partying a la patio, show some consideration for your neighbours by keeping the volume at a neighbourly level. Helpful hint: people tend to gauge their own volume based on their surrounding volume. In others words, keep the music level in control and you keep the convo volume in control.

The drinking and driving issue
Finally, and this is a biggie, don’t screw yourself in a serious way by allowing people who have been drinking at your house to then hop in a car and drive home. The risk involved is just too huge for both your intoxicated friend and for you, the host. Take away keys, call cabs, utilize the awesome driver alternative services, do whatever it takes to ensure that your spontaneous fun doesn’t end up costing you way more than a few broken glasses and a Rug Doctor rental fee.  

Spur-of-the-moment parties are fun at any age, but to keep them as just that – fun – there are certain steps that need to be taken to ensure that the fun evolves… just as we have.  

Cover image: Last Friday Night by Katy Perry