Three Summer Style Trends We Can’t Get Enough of

Is it just us, or does the clothing this summer seem to have a little bit more personality than we are used to? On both the guys and the ladies, it seems we are being a little bolder in attention-grabbing attire. One thing is for sure: this summer certainly isn’t all about the basic white. Together with our friends at Aveleda, we thought we’d share some of our favourite trends this summer – and offer a few words of wisdom on how to wear them.

The 80s and 90s:
The 80s and 90s are back in a big way this summer, and we can’t get enough of the chance that it allows to tap back into our childhood and junior high selves. This, of course, means everything from crop tops on the women to bright neon for both the guys and ladies. Bright, electric hues like fluorescent yellow, hot pink, lime green, and electrified blue are big this summer. A few tips: know when it is appropriate to wear the crop top/too obnoxious neon and when it isn’t. Unless you’re going to an electronic music festival (or something along the same lines), the key is not to wear too much neon at once. As for the crop, pair it with a more subtle bottom. Remember, though: even if its high-wasted, it is never OK to wear a crop top to the office.

Impossible-to-miss prints:
This season has seen no shortage of bold, in-your-face prints for both the guys and the ladies. This ranges in everything from bright florals (in terms of light, Hawaiin-esque shirts for the guys or a light dress or floral denim jeans or jean shorts for the ladies) to bold, graphic designs when it comes to t-shirts. Another trend that will take us into fall: the camo look. One piece of advice to keep in mind is that, especially in the office, you should pair bold, crazy prints with plain basics; you’ll quickly become an eyesore if you mix too many.

Bright unisex sunglasses:
Summer 2013 has seen a resurgence of unisex sunglasses in a variety of styles and colours – from aviators, which will never go out of style, to bold, bright coloured plastic frames. For bright and bold this season, we can’t get enough of the Burberry Spark collection of sunglasses. The foldable and durable collection of bright aviator frames works for both the guys and the ladies and is inspired by the energy of live music and the Burberry ready-to-wear collection. Available in a metallic assortment of bright colours, the aviator sunglasses have a lightweight hinged frame that can be folded to a compact size. The best part about unisex sunglasses it that they tend to go with a variety of outfits and can be easily swapped with your significant other.

With September just around the corner (yes, we said it), you don’t have too much longer to take advantage of these fun summer trends – so get on it while the weather and trends are still hot!


Cover Image: Spectrum Store