Three Costumes You’ll Be Seeing More Than Once This Halloween

We all know Halloween isn’t all about originality. But since we’re too old for it to just be about the candy, we’ve got to at least get a little creative. Which means if you want to have any costume clout this year, you probably don’t want to show up at the party dressed as one of the following. We’re not saying they’re bad ideas, we’re just pointing out that no one will be dying to give you credit for thinking outside the box.

The Miley
We’re pretty sure twerking wasn’t even in the dictionary this time last year. But it turns out you don’t have to be smart to get a word in a dictionary, you just need to deliver a public performance that causes everyone in North America to feel shame. It was nearly impossible to watch Billy Ray’s daughter gesticulate on that stage without feeling deeply uncomfortable – it was like the opposite of walking in on your parents having sex but just as bad. Don’t think the plethora of amateur versions on the 31st are going to be any better.

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The Breaking Bad
Don’t worry, you won’t find any spoilers here. But this section isn’t just limited to Walter White/Heisenberg editions. You might find Jesse or Hank or everyone’s favourite hate-on, Skyler, walking around the party. With the end of one of TV’s most popular shows comes the tribute it deservers: a bunch of die-hard fans walking around all night pretending they actually know what the hell C10H15N actually means.

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The Zombie
Blame The Walking Dead, World War Z, or a re-boot of Night of The Living Dead, but these costumes just won’t seem to die (sorry, we had to). Maybe it’s because all it takes is a pair of ripped jeans, some white face paint, a little fake blood, and the ability (freedom?) to walk like an idiot that makes these babies so popular. But whatever it is that drives people to wrap themselves in toilet paper and call it fun, you can be sure you’ll see legions of undead stumbling through parties this week.   

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Cover Image courtesy of: Imgur

Paris Hilton image: US Weekly

Breaking Bad Couple image: kizzzbeth