Three Calgary Fitness Studios to Keep You Hot This Winter

That fresh layer of white stuff on the ground is reason for celebration for many of Calgary’s young professionals (YPs), but for the rest of you, it might mean an excuse to build a fort out of blankets and hide inside until you’re forced to leave home.

While the concept of “winter weight” is nothing new, it can still be hard to get yourself pumped up (and bundled up) to hit the treadmill and free-weights.

When it’s cold outside, motivation is key, wherever you can find it.

Thankfully, we can tell you where it’s hiding, in the form of a few killer fitness studios where you won’t just stay warm – you’re guaranteed to get hot.

Ballet Barre Works
Forget that recital you did when you were six, this is not a workout for little girls.

Just give this hidden gem one class, and your mind will be completely changed about the daintiest dance around. Set to some pretty bumpin’ beats, you’ll plié and sauté your way to that awesome day-after muscle soreness, as well as improved posture, core strength, and surprisingly, cardio endurance.

The energy in this environment is infectious, as many of your fellow students will be committed members ready to tell you all about how much they love this place. No dance experience is necessary and drop-ins are welcome, and there’s a 21-Day Challenge coming up this month to get you hooked and ready to put on your own sweaty version of The Nutcracker this holiday season. 

Heavens Elevated Fitness
This week, Heavens celebrated its 32nd anniversary, which for an independent local studio in a city like Calgary means they must be doing something right. Well, we can tell you from experience that they are. Oh, and so can their multitude of awards.

From high intensity and athletic training, powered-up spin/weights combos, to fun and fresh choreography-based sessions and yoga, quality classes are really what sets this place apart. The studios are just the right size to allow you to always see (and hear) the instructors, and feed off of their genuine enthusiasm for making you max out to your limits.

And if classes aren’t for you, there’s a full gym of equipment and personal training that promise to get you into beach vacay shape in no time.

Sometimes it’s nice to have someone else turn up the heat on your workout for you, and that’s where Hotshop has your back. With three studios in the city (Silverado, University, and Victoria Park) all with 35 to 40 degree yoga rooms, there’s no way you’re leaving a class without breaking a sweat. The Victoria Park location focuses specifically on yoga, and draws some loyal (and nice looking) YP clientele to their peaceful oasis downtown, while the two newer studios offer yoga and spin classes, both of which make them well worth the drive.

Professional and encouraging instructors and an introductory yoga classes twice a month make this a great choice for newbies. And for the experienced yogi/spinner, the variety in the schedule makes it easy to push yourself to the next level. Check out a Power Flow class in the morning, and we promise you won’t regret setting a pre-6 a.m. alarm.

Think we’re missing out on a must-try workout in YYC? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to check it out. 


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