Three Artists You Should Know

A genuine love and passion for all genres of music has allowed Toronto-based DJ Wristpect to remain extremely versatile in his endeavours, consistently captivating worldwide audiences along the way. Focused on bringing quality music to the masses, Wristpect has played a-list events at world-renown venues, released award-winning collaborations, and has worked alongside some of today’s most influential music, lifestyle, fashion, and entertainment brands. His column will introduce you to artists that are next in line to becoming stars in the music industry –  you heard it here first. 

Emily Greene (Acoustic/Soul/Pop/Folk/Vocalist)
t. @emilyjgreene

This past December I was in New York City playing a holiday event at SOB’s.There was a legendary new music showcase taking place before our set, so I thought I’d get to the venue early, eat some dinner (which was delicious by the way), and take in the sounds. Emily Greene just happened to be playing that night, and I am very thankful that she was. As I sat down to eat my meal, I had no idea whose voice had just captivated me. All I knew was that I had to find out who she was and where I could hear more music. It’s hard to describe Emily’s sound without listening for yourself, but think indie pop/rock meets soul/jazz meets folk. She is not only a very talented singer/vocalist with amazing range, but was also playing keys while singing. What surprised me most was the lyrical content of her music; she is a truly authentic artist and genuinely sings her heart out. I’m excited to follow her career and watch on as her career grows and the world gets familiar with the sensation that is Emily Greene. 


Rich Kidd (Hip Hop/Producer/Emcee) – Pictured at top
t. @richkiddbeats
v. vimeo

Every now and then, we are blessed with unconventional, raw talent. Rich Kidd is a musical genius in his own right and if you don’t know who he is as yet, you will soon…mark my words! I used to say the same thing to people about Drake in 2007 (back when he was making exclusives for my mixtapes) and no one believed me. Rich Kidd is a critically-acclaimed, Toronto-based producer, rapper, songwriter and director. Still in his early 20s, ‘the kidd’ already has a track record greater than those in the industry who are twice his age. He has produced for the likes of Busta Rhymes, Drake (five records off the Comeback Season mixtape), K-OS, Saukrates, and Nelly Furtado, to name a few. Initially making a name for himself as a producer, Rich Kidd has recently proven himself to be one of the nicest emcees coming out of Canada (I always make the comparison to Kanye West, as he first established himself as a producer and built his name in that regard but then kicked down doors as a talented emcee and artist). He has already been nominated for a Much Music Video Award, won a Toronto Independant Music Award and Stylus Award, toured Canada and Australia, and has performermed all over the city including shows at Canadian Music Week and The Manifesto. Young Guru (see: Jay-Z’s personal engineer since the beginning of his career) recently named Rich Kidd as one of his top five up-and-coming producers and the hip hop world. Rich Kidd has a very unique and interesting sound; his production almost sounds like a mixture of some of my favourite producers (DJ Premier, Kanye West, Rza, Pete Rock, Just Blaze, Dr Dre), yet it is a sound that is still completely his own. His ability to rap, sing, and compose/put together songs truly amazes me. He is hands down one of the most promising in the game and it’s only a matter of time before the world gets familiar with his raw talent.

Arion (Dubstep/Electro/Producer)
t. @officialarion
v. YouTube

At only 20 years old, Arion is going to be a phenomenon in the electronic music world. His ability to make brain-shaking electro and dubstep bangers is a gift that he has been quietly honing for the last seven years. While you may not know who he is, the world has already caught on. Visit his youtube page and you will see countless videos with millions (yes, millions) of views per track, and people fiending for more music, commenting and requesting that he comes to their city. Then there’s his facebook fan page with 50,000+ die hard fans, literally begging for new music and releases hourly. Arion is someone my team works closely with and we can truly say his career is just beginning. He just won ‘Breakthrough Producer of the Year’ at the Dubstep Music Awards that took place in Atlantic City a few weeks ago. I’m very excited for him and I know the future is going to be very bright. If you are a fan of electronic music (specifically dubstep), I highly suggest you check his work out as I can say that it is honestly comparable (if not better) than some of the top electronic acts out right now.

I hope that I’ve been able to share some new music with you all and if you have any questions or comments, you can always reach me directly via:

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Photo: Rich Kidd