There Are Thousands of Islands in Indonesia You Can Name After Yourself

Indonesia has an island problem.

Which is to say, there are too damn many of them.

The Pacific nation, which is made up of nothing but plots of solidified volcanic lava, currently has 13,500 islands registered with the United Nations. That number is expected to climb to almost 15,000 by August. Other estimates hover around 18,000.

Point is, the country can’t name them fast enough. The solution? Allowing foreign investors get involved in naming and managing some of them.

That’s right – if you have the cash and adhere to a few obligations, you can name an tropical paradise after yourself. Or whatever you want, really. How about Isly McIslandface?

While Indonesia will retain ownership of the islands, maritime affairs minister Luhut Pandjaitan said investors who lease them are free to “give it any name they want, as long as they report to us.” Thousands of islands are currently still in the market for a name.

Prices for leasing an island have yet to be disclosed, though entire governments have already put in bids. If you feel like you can’t quite commit that kind of cash, might we suggest buying one in our own backyard instead.