Thoroughbred: Toronto’s Newest Entry in the Race for Best Cocktail Bar

Thoroughbred Food & Drink is opening tonight.

Well, parts of it are.

See, this brand new Richmond St. (304 Richmond St. W) restaurant and bar is all about offering different experiences in the same place.

The main floor is all bar and cocktail lounge. Think wood and exposed brick, a DJ booth at one end and a view of Richmond at the other. Hanging electrician’s lights and original drinks; bartenders, not servers.

This is the late-night experience. The dessert and hors d’oeuvres experience. The mix of Kung Pao cauliflower and Steeplechases (Jameson Select Reserve, apricot liqueur, Amaro, bitters) until last call experience. 

Upstairs, however, you’ll find a private chef’s table for up to 10 people. Here, you have the opportunity to order off the menu or simply let the kitchen take care of you.

Just pick a price and a flavour and let the food come to you.

The dining room is still a work in progress, but the owners tell us it will be open and ready in time for TIFF (their official opening date is Sept. 2nd). And considering the private back staircase they have, as well as the proximity to Scotiabank Theatre, we suspect it’ll be full the entire time.

On the top floor, Thoroughbred is working on putting together a completely different space that won’t be ready to open for another month or two. And while they’ve tossed around some themes, all we’re allowed to say for now is that it will definitely be worth checking out when the time comes.

With items like their prawn cocktail, Reuben sandwich with veal tongue, and buttermilk-fried sweetbread, Thoroughbred offers the type of menu that you can enjoy for lunch, dinner, or anytime after.

And it’s just as tasty as it is playful. Head there tonight and try the chocolate bar truffles if you don’t believe us.


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