#ThisBody Ad From Lane Bryant Rejected By TV Networks for ‘Indecency’

A new commercial that is part of U.S. clothing line Lane Bryant’s body positive #ThisBody campaign may never have a chance to air and receive the recognition that it deserves, as it’s been rejected by multiple TV networks including NBC and ABC.

The black and white ad which features curvy models, wearing little or no clothing, as they box, pose, and breastfeed while boldly sharing confident words about their curvy bodies.

Size-16 Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Ashley Graham, among other industry titans, is in the ad that has been deemed too risqué to air.

A spokesperson for Lane Bryant claims the television networks completely rejected the commercial. ABC declined to make any comments on the decision, and NBC said it simply asked for “minor edits” so the commercial would meet its decency standards as part of its routine review.

NBC has since provided a statement to Mashable, which said:”As part of the normal advertising standards process, we reviewed a rough cut of the ad and asked for minor edits to comply with broadcast indecency guidelines. The ad was not rejected and we welcome the updated creative.” 

Despite the feedback, Lane Bryant has refused to make any edits to the ad, and has since pushed it on their social media, calling it the commercial that “the networks didn’t want you to see.” 

The 30 second commercial, which was intended celebrate and honour women of all shapes and sizes, is now raising concern over media body shamming.

How is it that a tasteful video of courageous curvy women doesn’t meet “decency guidelines,” while Victoria Secret and Carls Jr. Super Bowl advertisements somehow do?

The internet has since erupted with their reactions, offering nothing but positive responses in the comment section on the company’s Facebook page. Since being uploaded, the video has already been seen more than two million times.

“What is too much for some does not hold true for others,” a Lane Bryant spokesperson said in a statement. “All women should be celebrated and feel empowered to express themselves as they see fit. We want her to know she can attract as much media attention, look just as striking as any woman, and decide what beautiful means to her.”

Whether the accusations from Lane Bryant are true, or they’re just trying to get more public attention, establishing a body positive environment that accepts all body types is important.