This Year You Can Actually Have Holiday Dinner at Hogwarts

By this point, everyone in all The Burrows knows about the Harry Potter-themed bar in Toronto. Since The Lockheart opened at the end of summer, people have been lining up every night for their Potter-provoked cocktails (Ludo’s Debt, The Shaklebolt) and series-inspired but understated décor (“All was well” casually beams on the bar’s back wall).

Those in for a substantial dinner of great proportions, however, may find themselves out of luck with their fairly gnomey tapas menu.

Luckily, there’s an alternative and its only a quick broom ride away.

On December 3rd, one lucky group of “over 18s only” will be headed to Warner Bros. Studios in London. Before checking out the campus, they’ll be enjoying a two-course meal – accompanied by butterbeer and all – on the actual set of The Great Hall.

The feast may be tough to pull off on a wizard’s salary. Tickets sold for £230 a piece, which at the moment is just over $460 CAD. However, if your Mokeskin runs deep enough, and you’ve got the Purity of Blood, it’s probably worth it; admission includes the one-time dinner and all the attractions of the full studio tour.

You can check out details of the dinner and tour here. Obviously there was a vanishing spell on this year’s tickets within hours, but it’s probably worth keeping a mad eye on the WB website in case anything else pops up.

Or if you happen to own a particular type of rare cloak, maybe you just show up and take your chances…