Woman Plans Engagement Photoshoot to Celebrate Marrying Her New Job

Like anybody who’s been on a long job hunt can tell you, it’s not that different from finding “the one” when you finally land that perfect job.

The joy of finding a place where you truly belong, where you actually like your coworkers instead of barely tolerate them – it really can feel like falling in love.

So why not mark that momentous occasion with a photoshoot? We already do it for engagements and weddings, so why shouldn’t a new job be up on that list?

That’s what Facebook user Benita Abraham thought when she decided to stage a full beachside photoshoot to celebrate landing her dream gig.

“I finally found my soulmate, my perfect match, my boo,” she writes in the Facebook post. After seven long months, I found the perfect job with a company that truly cares about its employees and one I will learn so much from.”

Unsurprisingly, the hilarious series of photos quickly went viral, and at the time of writing has racked up over 5,000 likes and hundreds of shares.

We’ve included some of our  favourite pics below.

jobphotoshoot jobphotoshoot2 jobphotoshoot3 jobphotoshoot2

To see the full album, head here.