This Website Will Guess Your Age Based on Your Taste in Music

Or it will try to at least.

And it will probably hurt your feelings in the process.

Apparently displaying any affinity for The Beatles will earn you somewhere over 40. While questions that include only Katy Perry, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Beyonce, and Diana Ross as your only answers leaves little room to move for a man who grew up going to Pearl Jam and RHCP concerts (I picked Beyonce ’cause that was the ‘cool’ answer, right? RIGHT?).

So while my first attempt did yield an old-manish 50 years of age, a few more runs through the seven question gamut managed to land me at very youthful 16 (hint: always pick One Direction if you want a computer to think you’re under the voting age).

It turns out there are ways to beat the system. And many other ‘tests’ as well.

As for me, I’ll be under the bridge downtown, 50 or not.