This Viral Photograph Encapsulates Just What’s Wrong With Our Generation

With our smart phones perpetually glued to our hands and our insatiable need to document our lives on social media, it’s old news that many of us have lost our ability to live in the moment like we used to.

These days, “being in the moment” the old-fashioned way requires a focus, effort, and a sometimes anxiety-inducing separation from our beloved phones.

Last week, this video of a group of sorority girls who were more occupied with snapping selfies with ballpark food than taking in the Diamondbacks game was an internet home run, so much so that some questioned whether the whole thing was a joke.

Sadly (though not surprisingly), it wasn’t.

The reality is, we’re often missing out on real-life with our phones and technology. I fully admit: on occasion, I’ve spent more time at some concerts, art exhibits, and charity events more pre-occupied with getting that perfect shot for Instagram than taking in what was actually happening around me.

And I’m sure you have as well.

Anyway, this endearing, now viral image taken by John Blanding, when the movie’s stars were arriving at the red carpet premier of Black Mass sums up our current phone infatuation perfectly.

The elderly woman in the front (#bless her) is clearly the only one taking in the experience as it is. Meaning, without the lens of a smart phone camera in the way.

She’s in the moment, not removed from it. Something we should all try to do a little more often.