This Video Shows the Startling Cost Difference Between Men and Women’s Morning Routines

‘Woman Tax’ is not just something your girlfriend throws at you when she doesn’t want to pay her share of the rent this month. (Also, if she does that, gtfo.)

It’s an actual thing – and here’s the video to prove it.

Glamour put together a video that uncovers the cost of being a woman, showing a male and female going head to head as they get ready one morning.

It all starts off innocently enough, with the cost of shampoo, face wash, and razors all adding up to roughly the same amount.

But once the tampons, hair products, and straighteners come out to play, suddenly it’s not such a level playing field any more. Even with a fairly metro sexual male used for comparison – one who is prone to dabbing on moisturizer and beard balm every morning – the female quickly usurps him in terms of daily expenses.

Once the woman in the video starts to put on her cosmetics – bronzer, foundation, brow gel – the gentleman can no longer compete, and after a little gentle stretching he quickly disappears off screen while his female counterpart applies a seemingly endless amount of lotions and potions to her face, body, and hair.

And before the woman even gets starts putting her clothes on, she’s already outdone him monetarily with her bra and underwear (his simple underwear is simply cheap).

But, as the video wisely suggests, once they start getting dressed it’s better that we just don’t even go there. Because you should never try telling a man that he doesn’t spend as much as you on clothes (just trust me on this one).

For now, we’ll just stick to the post beauty-regime figures and assume that men spend $691 per year while woman drop almost three times that, a whopping $1,832.

This is surely not the last we’ll hear on the subject, but just spare a thought for us women. And for any males out there thinking of asking, “What on earth are you doing in there?” – this video may give you a little insight into our (costly) bathroom routine.