This Tubular Glass Treehouse is the Only Place You Want to Live

Everyone has daydreamed about living in a treehouse at some point in their lives – whether when you were six-years-old, or last week when work got chaotic.

(Hell, check out these unbelievable ones you can rent.)

Well, soon you may have a stylish new option as far as tree houses go; and this new player on the treehouse market is not messing around.

Architect Aibek Almassov has designed and proposed an ultra-modern four-storey glass encased home that surrounds the trunk of a tree. Appropriately, it’s called “Tree In The House.” In this home, the tree is the focal point, giving life and an ever-absent feel for nature to the living space around it. The 360-degree glass encasing means you’ll be able to enjoy your down time under the stars, but without the bugs. The glass walls will be coated with transparent solar panels, and rainwater will be purified and renewed for human use.

A. Masow Architects

A. Masow Architects

A. Masow Architects

The environmentally-friendly home features four narrow, ring-shaped floors, along with an elegant spiralling white staircase that wraps around the trunk of the tree. Other perks include an entirely glass shower cubicle, sleek curved walls, and stunning views from every floor.

While the concept seemed like the type that would never materialize, it now may become a reality thanks to the interest of a potential backer. Apparently, a glass and solar panel manufacturer is now interested and construction could begin soon.

Coincidentally, we think it’s about time we all started reconnecting with nature…