This Toronto Startup Will Deliver Costco Groceries to Your Door

When it comes to cottage weekends and stocking up on essentials, everyone knows Costco is the way to go.

With the cost of downtown living skyrocketing, nobody wants to pay for things like overpriced washing detergent, plastic wrap, BBQ basics or (in my case) your weekly candy fix.

The problem with Costco, however, is that getting to one requires a car and venturing far from the comfort of downtown. Once you factor in Toronto traffic, fighting for parking, and making your way through the crowded shopping centre, it’s rarely worth the headache.

Not even for the free samples.

There is, however, a simple solution for Toronto’s Costco-craving set. Enter

Why nobody has thought of this before is beyond me, but we now have our first service that brings Costco groceries to your doorstep. The best part? You don’t even have to be a Costco member. And it gets better:’s prices are on average half of what you pay at local and other online grocery stores.

The startup gets your groceries on the same day and keeps them refrigerated in transport until they arrive at your home.

The company was started by a downtown-living young couple who became sick of paying premium prices for groceries. currently offers same-day deliveries in these downtown locations. The first delivery is free, and the next two are half off, for anyone who signs up on their website.

Canada Day long weekend just got a little bit sweeter.