This Toronto Beer-League Softball Team Has a Better Instagram Account Than Most Pro Teams

Sometimes you gotta fake it ’til you make it.

And while it’s incredibly doubtful ‘The Stinkmitts’ – a Toronto beer league softball team – will ever really make it, their pretending to be a professional sports franchise is truly amazing.

Their Instagram is a goldmine of player anecdotes and behind-the-scenes access.

So much so that they’ve already been profiled by sports giant DeadSpin:

The Stinkmitts are last year’s Xtremely Friendly Softball League champions. One glance at the league’s website, which hasn’t been updated in half a decade, offers a pretty good idea of the level of competition we’re talking about here. But that won’t stop coach Wyatt from giving 110% every game, especially when it comes time to meet the press:

He drops you knows like a pro, and his stare into the abyss is pure gold:

They’re presumably atop the standings, and yet they continue to stay humble through it all.

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