This Toronto-Based Startup is the Uber of Home Repairs

There’s a new Canadian startup that’s about to make your life a lot less annoying when it comes to home repairs – including assembling maddening Ikea furniture.

When things go wrong in the home – either in the heating and cooling, plumbing, or appliance repair department – you usually have to search around and compare pricing, make multiple phone calls, and take time off work to make sure you’re home for that typical pre-determined 2-3-hour window of time in which they say they will arrive.

Enter Jiffy On Demand Home Services, a Toronto-based startup that’s basically the Uber for home services, armed with the goal to take the stress out of booking home repairs. The company researched and hand-selects home maintenance and service people in 22 different categories, which range from appliance repair and plumbing, to furniture assembly, painting, and carpentry.

Eliminating long wait times, if someone is in your area or has a time gap in their schedule, they can answer the call in the same way an Uber driver would. They will arrive in less than three hours too, should you require a quick fix.


Currently available for iOS, the app allows you to search for a specific need and offer details, if necessary (i.e. “my toilet won’t flush,” or “I need my kitchen painted”). The immediate option will send someone to your place within three hours (you’ll get immediate confirmation that your job has been accepted, along with a phone call to confirm timing), but you can also select a specific date in the future and book a window in terms of morning, afternoon, or evening.

The company pre-vets every supplier to ensure their quality reputation, that they have at least $2-million in liability insurance, and are licensed in their fields and negotiates pricing with them, based on industry averages and extensive research. Holding them accountable, Jiffy guarantees the work, and the homeowners rate the service providers when the work is complete.

When it comes to pay, neither the service provider nor the customer has to worry about invoicing and payment. The provider inputs the time spent, and the customer’s card is immediately charged and they’re sent an electronic receipt.

The company launched in April, and has just received $500,000 in seed funding from Jordan Banks, global head of vertical strategy at Facebook, along with other investors.

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