This Technology Will Help You Write the Perfect Email to Anyone

Emails are for getting sh*t done.

Recognizing that an integral part of that outcome depends more on your recipient’s preferred style of communication than on your own, Crystal helps you craft emails in a way that’s most desirable for any prospect, customer, or coworker based on their personality.

Its proprietary personality detection technology scans a person’s online presence – things you’ve written publicly, social media profiles, etc – and identifies word, phrase, style, and tone patterns to build a profile of their communication style. After you write your email, Crystal suggests all the ways you can improve the message to be most effective on the receiving end.
It may tell you to be more direct, state your purpose in the first sentence, or skip the pleasantries depending on your subject. 

And it most certainly will tell you to cut the exclamation points. Unless you’re emailing Elaine.

“The beauty of these frameworks is that, if you know one bit of data about a person and you’re accurate about it, you can make really good assumptions about how they’re likely to communicate… we figured out a few algorithms that really nailed it” says Crystal co-founder Drew D’Agostino. 

As Wired writer Kyle Vanhemert quite accurately noted, “It’s definitely creepy, perhaps useful, and almost certainly a look at how we’ll communicate in the future.”

This may be the end of email miscommunication.


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