This Startup Will Give You $10K for Your Wedding – With One Major Catch

We’ve reached the ultimate level of cynicism for our generation.

There’s now a startup that will bet you $10,000 on the success of your marriage.

If you’re looking for a little extra cash for the wedding and have faith in the strength of your relationship (despite the disheartening success rate statistics), you may want to seek out SwanLuv.

The Seattle-based company will offer up to $10,000 to couples for their wedding – with one catch. If the couple accepts the cash and ends up divorcing in the future they will have to repay the “gift” with interest. Furthermore, the interest rates and offer are calculated using “algorithm software technology,” drawing from data found on the couple’s application. It’s this algorithm that determines your apparent level of compatibility with your partner.

The concept makes sense for some; weddings aren’t cheap. An extra $10,000 could make a major difference.

Furthermore, the threat of a financial consequence (in addition to the potential of lawyers fees and all that messy stuff) of repaying the cash may be enough to make some couples work harder to fix the problems in their marriage. On the other hand, it could add more stress to an already stressful situation in the event of an unhealthy relationship developing a few years in. You don’t want to stay in a marriage to prove a point or because a bet is riding on it, after all.

The company conveniently launched yesterday, the day after thousands of proposals took place (as cliché as those may be).

If you’re not yet engaged and weighing your options, you could always forgo the wedding and join a growing number of millennials who are taking the common law route. Just sayin’.