This Site Offers a Personalized Version of the Apocalypse Based on Where You Live

Ever wonder how well you’d fare in the event of an apocalypse happening in our lifetime?

I know I have (and it may just be one of the reasons I’m considering laser eye surgery).

Now, there’s a mind twisting way to experience the apocalypse first-hand. The Collapse is described as an “end of society simulator” – and one that may make you reconsider some of your life choices (including the logistics of the city you live in).

It’s also a great way to kill time on a Friday afternoon at the office.

The simulator is a promotional initiative that feeds into Ubisoft’s The Division, due March 8 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Division offers a fictional virtual world that’s in a dark state of chaos thanks to an outbreak of the smallpox plague. It features super-soldier survivalists armed with a mandate to restore order to society in the wake of the crisis. The game takes players through Manhattan after the virus has done its damage and handfuls of survivors begin to emerge from the rubble.

The Collapse takes you back to the beginning of it all. It draws upon “real data” that lets you input your address and enter the virtual world of being patient zero in your city.

To experience the apocalypse in all of its rioting, market crumbling, government falling, and vaccine shortage chaos, you can try it for yourself here. And yes, it may leave you rattled for the rest of the day.