This Self Heating Coffee Will Stay Hot for Your Entire Workday

Caribou Coffee’s being doing some pretty great things since bursting onto the java scene in 1992.

Chief among them, of course, is their coffee, as well as the company’s penchant for innovation – and their latest game-changer definitely takes the coffee cake.

Appropriately named Workday Roast, Caribou’s latest offering has the ability to self-heat and remain at prime drinking temperature for eight hours. That’s a full workday, in case you’re still too tired to do the math. 

The secret? Magic (kind of) beans sourced from Papua New Guinea. These beans’ natural inherent compounds produce a slow exothermic reaction when exposed to water, which is responsible for keeping the coffee hot. 

Fun fact: It’s estimated the average employee will save 14 minutes each day otherwise wasted on discarding cold coffee.

As if coffee wasn’t already the best thing to happen to work.

Workday Roast will be available in 400 U.S. stores by April 1, and reach an additional 200 international locations by Q3 this year.


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